Young and at the Top of Their Game

So Darren Criss, from Glee, is all set to take over for Daniel Radcliff  on Broadway in How to Succeed in Business for three weeks.  And quite frankly I’d kill for a ticket.  Criss is a triple threat, he can act, he can sing and he can dance.   And he isn’t too hard on the eyes either.

But what interests me the most about him is that he came to fame principally through putting himself out there on You-Tube and the like.   He was quoted in an interview (and I’m paraphrasing) recently as saying that he never takes no for an answer.  And I believe it.   He literally made his own fame.  Or at least managed to set the stage for it.

And he’s not alone.  Justin Beiber, who I am told rules the teen universe (along with Taylor Swift), was also discovered on the cyber waves of the internet.   (Maybe it’s the new soda shop…where coke floats were served and starlets were discovered for those of you who are too young to remember).

The dude is everywhere these days!  He even has his own fragrance—for women no less.  And all the proceeds go to charity.   (I know this because a certain someone sent me a sample for Christmas  :) )  I can’t say that I’ve got Beiber fever.  I’ve honestly never heard him sing.  But I do admire his ability to get himself noticed and from what I read, like Criss, his work ethic.   (And then of course there’s the hair).

Which brings me to another uber-artist.  One who has managed to take the idea of performance art mainstream.  Lady Gaga.   Both she and Beiber were featured on the Dave Clark Rockin’ New Year (yes, my life is so boring I watched the New Year ring in from my sofa—and yes, I missed the Beiber performance so I’m still unanointed.)  She fascinates me.

Not just because I love her music.  And I do.  But because I am held captive even though sometimes appalled by her performances.  She is hugely talented.  But more importantly she’s smart and savvy.  And apparently fearless.  Her songs are the kind you simply can’t get out of your head.  And when the lyrics contain the words “I’m beautiful in my way/Cause God makes no mistakes/I’m on the right track Baby/I was born this way” maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

What about you?  Do you have Beiber Fever?  Are you a Gleek?  Is Bad Romance constantly running around in your head?  What do you think of new media and the internet’s role in redefining of the way we look at entertainment?

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