What Makes A Romance?

I considered making this a really techy-writing post, but I’m sort of techy-writing-ed out.  I’m just starting on the new book and that is never easy for me, so I decided to do something fun today instead.

Lately I’ve been thinking about romance, the genre.  Recently my editor was talking about some of the changes to my line and how Blaze wanted to laser-focus on the romance, upping the emotional quotient.  The sensuality would stay as is, but they wanted more romance.  I adore reading romance, all kinds of romance, but the more romancey the book is the better.

I love the ooey, gooey scenes where the hero does something uber-romantic for the heroine.  Something that is personal and particular to her.  Or the scenes where the hero reveals (sometimes in words, usually not) how much the heroine means to him.

Or when the heroine lays down her pride to fully commit to the hero, when the cost to her own self-image/career/loyalties/family is high.  And for all those great scenes, there are the lows, the time when all seems hopeless and lost.

The scene with Devin McKade, where Cassie breaks up with him because her son has to come before her own happiness.  In Lord of the Scoundrels, Dain murmurs in Italian when he’s with Jessica.

I don’t remember the words, but I remember swooning because he didn’t dare tell her in a language she would understand.  The genre is full of these moments when your heart just sings.

There is no other genre (except for maybe straight fiction) than can capture the emotional highs and lows of romance.    What do you love about romance?  Any great scenes you remember?

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