Travel Must-Haves


You guys know I am in Anaheim for the annual RWA conference this week.  It’s an extra long trip this year, from Saturday to the following Sunday.  I had to pack a lot of clothes.  A LOT.  Since I wear shorts and yoga pants every single day at my job (which is in my house), I am not used to dressing up for meetings every day.  So that took a lot of planning.

I had to figure out shoes, and evening events, and so forth.  I was so proud of myself that I got everything into one bag.  I was so proud that I figured out the shoe situation so I didn’t have to pack another whole bag for that.  I got here, I unpacked smugly, feeling like a veteran traveler.  And then I remember I’d left a banana on the counter at home.  Big deal, right?  I am going to be gone 9 days.  I am a little worried about that banana.

But not nearly as worried as I am about my face.  When I unpacked, I discovered I had forgotten sunscreen.  Sunscreen is probably not a big deal to a lot of people, but I am outside a lot, and I always have been, and my dewy baby-like skin is beginning to show the ravages of time and sun.

It is vitally important to my sense of well being.  If I don’t have it, I think that my face is burning to a crisp.  I get a little obsessed with it.

I also discovered, day one, that I did not bring any real sweaters.  Now, in my defense, in Texas, the last thing I am thinking about in July is sweaters.  But man, I wish I’d brought more than the little white one and flimsy green one, because this hotel is cold. You know what else?  There aren’t a lot of sweaters for sale in July.

I forgot walking shoes.  I was so obsessed with getting the right shoes for the meeting that I didn’t think about walking around Disney shoes.  So now I have to decide which shoes are the least likely to hurt when worn for distances greater than a quarter mile.

I always forget something.  Once, I went somewhere with my sister and forgot to pack undies.  Talk about a crisis.

I brought a lot of clothes and make-up, some of which will never grace my frame or face.  But I didn’t get all my must-haves.  It’s always something.  What are your travel must-haves?  What have you forgotten on trips that drove you nuts? Are you on your way to Anaheim?  If you are, please come see my at booth 203 during the literacy event on Wednesday, 5-8, at the Anaheim Convention Center!

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