Since Sherri’s blog yesterday started off our week with a smile, I thought I’d keep the trend going and add to my recent “Favorites” theme–since things we love bring smiles.  This week let’s talk about foods.

It’s almost impossible for me keep a list of my favorite foods down to a minimum because I pretty much love everything.  In fact, there’s only one food I really don’t like:  Brussell sprouts.  Figures that the one thing I don’t care to eat has like zero calories!  But other than Brussell sprouts…I’m in.  Yet how to narrow down my choices to just a few favorites?  Ooooh, the dilemna!  But after much thought, here’s my list of my top three favorite foods:

In third place–shrimp scampi.  I love shrimp, I love garlic, I love butter.  Put them all together and you can’t miss.  Toss the scampi over pasta and I’m in heaven.

In second place–lobster.  And I mean the whole lobster–not just the tail.  I don’t cook lobsters very often–they’re very pricey where I live–but it’s always a feast when we indulge.

And claiming the number one spot on my list of favorite foods: linguini and clam sauce.

I swear I could eat this for dinner every night.  I love the delicate flavor of fresh clams, and combined with the garlic and olive oil, parsley and hint of lemon…mama mia.  When we lived near Costco I would pick up a bag of fresh clams every Friday at their seafood roadshow and make linguini and clam sauce.  I can still get clams where we live now, but they’re much more expensive.  I miss my Costco!

So how about you?  What are your top three favorite foods?  Do you make them yourself or prefer to eat them at a restaurant?  Hope your week is off to a good start!

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