Good Buys Tech Toys

So it’s 12:41, I’ve just finished watching Zombieland (after Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs–it’s spring break after all), and I head to my office to write this blog

But there’s no Internet. We had a power outage earlier and it played wonky with the cable modem. Nada. Zip. Completely shut off from humankind….

Big problem, right? Wrong. Because my always-favorite good buy is a tech toy. Yes, sometimes they cost, but here I am posting a blog even though I have no Internet connection. Granted I’m typing with one fingertip, but….

I’ve always been keen on tech toys and I’m rarely disappointed. Kindle-love it. iPhone – love it. Net book- there’s one I probably coulda lived without but I get why lots of people love ‘em

So today’s good buy isn’t cheap, but I’m shouting out to my iPhone.

And if you want a good entertainment buy, both Cloudy With A Chpance of Meatballs and Zombielist are now high on my favorites list!

So what’s your can’t live without tech toy?

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