Admit It You Knew I had To Have It

So, yes, I bought an iPad.

And, yes, I’m loving it! It was the inclusion of real wordprocessing and spreadsheet software (Pages and Numbers) that did it for me. The iBook thing still hasn’t tempted me. I have the Kindle App, and it looks just fine on the iPad. I may buy from iBook.

I may not. Probably not, as I like to be able to read outside in the sun, and that is the only downside I’ve seen so far to the iPad. Ate lunch outside with the girls today and tried to answer a few emails. Just. Wasn’t. Happening.

Even though I don’t carry my Kindle with me at all times (what with the app on my phone) at least I know I can use it outside. So I prefer to have the books in an I Can Read Outside In the Hammock format.

But that’s just me, and not a dig against the iPad. I didn’t buy it b/c of the book software.

I wanted a portable writing system with email and the web, and boy is this it. The keyboard that’s built in works pretty well, but the bluetooth is awesome! And the iPad and the bluetooth fit in my purse and weigh a lot less than a laptop and are a lot less annoying than the Netbook I’ve totally given up on. (I’m just not a PC girl!).

And, yes, I’m writing this post on the iPad using a combo of the Blogger and WordPress apps. Next I’m going to hop over to Safari and changed the saved draft to a scheduled post for tomorrow morning. Theoretically, I won’t need the computer at all!

And, yes, I bought it on release day (the 3G version). In part, because I wanted it right then, and in part because, hey, pop culture! The line was only 30 minutes, so I didn’t have to suffer for my poppish culture, and, frankly, it was fun.

So, yeah, this was a splurge (it’s my Christmas and Birthday presents combined!) but it was fun.

What’s your favorite Totally Worth The Splurge purchase?

UPDATE: so many folks have asked me how I use it…. Here are some pics. I set it up like this-or prop on something and keep the keyboard in my lap. This gizmo came with a sleeve I bought at the apple store

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